Branding – Sora Sushi

With this university assignment, I fell in love with branding.


Redesign a logo of your choice and create a new, full branding experience.



I chose to redesign my local sushi restaurant Sora Sushi, as I thought their branding deserved better to attract more customers. 

I started analyzing their main competitors in town. Why do you choose sushi over pizza? Why would you choose Sora over the neighbouring sushi restaurant? Or eating at home? Then I started considering their target audience. Who are they? What do they do for a living? What do they look like? 

I then started analyzing their existing branding. And not just their (very many different) logos, but also their food, the restaurant itself and the take away bags etc. I asked myself what I liked about their brand, and what I didn’t like as much.

After this I started sketching out some ideas based on my insights and findings. 



I designed a logo that presented a clean and modern feel, just like sushi. The fish in the letter “O” was constructed using circles, reminiscent of sushi rolls. The “O” was connected by two chopsticks.

The blue color was inspired by a wall inside the restaurant. It also symbolizes the ocean, and I felt the muted tone gave a luxurious touch. The orange color, of course, represents salmon, and I thought it complemented the blue color well.

For this project, I selected a visual style where the colors would tie together the luxurious yet modern and fresh ambiance.

I also created a pattern resembling waves, or fish scales, to add an additional graphic element to enhance my designs.