Branding - Terrassen

Terassen (The Terrace in English) is a fictional project that I was inspired to create when I was at a restaurant with the same name. While I was impressed by the food and the venue, I felt that the graphic identity didn’t match the overall feeling I got from it. So, I came up with my own interpretation and imagined my dream restaurant.

The Concept

In my version, The Terrace is a rooftop bar offering seasonal small plates with a focus on vegetarian options and a strong passion for beverages, whether it’s wine, beer, alcoholic, or non-alcoholic cocktails.

The Logo

The logo features a handwritten font that I adjusted to create better flow in the text. It’s meant to convey a personal and relaxed feeling with its uneven baseline. For this, I chose Futura, a clean and easily readable font, even in small sizes.


The colors are inspired by the green tones of the bar’s fishbone-tiled surface, but they also emphasize the sustainable, Nordic menu and the focus on great drinks.

Illustrations and Patterns

For the logo, I thought it would be fitting to have hand-drawn illustrations in a casual style. So, I illustrated ingredients that I imagined would be found in the restaurant’s kitchen, with a focus on the vegetarian aspect, and of course, plenty of bottles and glasses. I then put these together to create a pattern that I could use in my designs.

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