Branding – Wine Service


This client, Wine Service, is a sommelier service for businesses, restaurants, and individuals. The owner of the company wanted a logo, color palette, and typography to be used on her website and social media channels.

She wanted a light and airy feel while maintaining a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere. As she put it, she didn’t want it to “feel like a wine tasting for royals.” but for ordinary people. 



I started with an in-depth interview, asking questions about the needs and goals of the company, USPs, and getting to know the client. I then started researching competitors and the industry, their target audience, and analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the business and existing branding design.

After the research phase, I summarized my findings and presented the new direction in which I wanted to take the brand to the client. In conclusion, I wanted the new branding to feel:

  • Relaxed
  • Light
  • Professional 
  • Luxurious


I created a moodboard and presented this to the client to accept before moving on to sketch out some design concepts.



I was very excited about this project and presented my new logo and logo variations. The new design has a lot more character and a luxurious vibe than her previous one. The ring formed by “Vinprovningar – Göteborg” is a nod both to a quality seal and the mark that can be left when setting a wine glass on a white tablecloth.

The colors were chosen to create a calm and relaxed sensation.

I selected a visual style using stock images that would feel light and airy. I took some pictures myself and also filmed the video header for the homepage.

I designed the website in Figma and implemented most of my ideas at 

As a final element, Wine Service wanted assistance with a social media strategy, which I presented in a simple brochure that she could print at home. It included advice on how and when to post on Instagram, along with some content ideas.

At the end of the project, Wine Service decided to stick with her old logo. The logo in my images on my website is my design. 



  • You win some, you lose some.
  • I need to make sure my client is actually fully onboard with my ideas. 
  • I did a good job involving the client in my design thinking, but she just wasn’t ready for big changes. And that’s OK!

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